Boston Shaker Vs. French Shaker

If you’ve been making your drinks without a cocktail shaker, you are missing out on the ability to make incredible tasting drinks for yourself, your family and your friends.  Cocktail shakers are not just for professional establishments.  They are one of the bar tools that really are essential, whether it’s a professional bar or your home bar.

There are many different cocktail shakers available for bar enthusiasts to choose from. Sorting through these choices and deciding on one for your bar can be a challenge if you don’t know anything about them. In this article, we have discussed two cocktail shakers below for you to look over and decide what you want for your bar.

The Boston Shaker

The Boston Cocktail Shaker has a simpler design that consists of a thick, tempered mixing glass and metal tumbler that is slightly larger than the glass. The way to use a Boston Shaker is to pour the ingredients into the glass, add the ice and place the metal tumbler on top of the glass. They will seal together with a firm whack on the top which combined with the coldness from the ice keeps the glass and tumbler together while you are shaking it.

Separating the two sides involves a firm grip and a tap in the right place. If the drink you are making requires stirring, the mixing glass part of the Boston Shaker works well for this and can be used with a metal spoon.   The Boston Cocktail Shaker is available in many different price categories.  It is easy to open and easy to keep clean as well.  Because there are several parts, storing takes up a little bit more room, although not much more.

If you are working with color or consistency, the mixing glass has a clear advantage that it’s easy to see through. The disadvantages of the Boston shaker is that it’s rather large and it can be difficult for people to control, especially if you have small hands.  There is also no strainer with this type, although you can purchase a strainer to fit over the glass and keep the ice in.

Once you learn how to use a Boston Cocktail Shaker, they are typically faster and easier to make cocktails.

The French Shaker

The French Shaker or Parisian Shaker is similar to the Boston shaker in that it has two parts.  Many people feel the French Shaker is the original cocktail shaker. You will need a strainer with this style as well since it does not come with one.

It consists of a large, metal mixing tin and a metal lid that fits over the top of the mixing tin. It’s however, a bit harder to separate in comparison but with practice, it becomes much easier.  French Cocktail shakers are probably the most attractive types of shakers on the market even though they are not as popular as the Boston shaker.

They are considered more retro and classic in style. They look terrific no matter where you have them and they are easy to use.





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