How To Hold Boston Shaker Like A Pro

The Boston shaker is the indispensable accessory for your bar, it will allow you to create the essential recipes and original technique to surprise your friends. The drinks prepared with the shaker are served mostly straight up, that is to say without ice in the serving glass.

This bar accessory allows two actions: to mix and refresh. It is used to mix the ingredients that will create the cocktail masterpiece. Many of the ingredients would not mix without the famous Shaker stroke. The movement you give to the shaker also allows the ice cubes to cool the mixture quickly and efficiently.

how to hold a boston shaker

Simplicity is the key in the cocktail scene. The three-piece cocktail shaker looks elegant but they are quite impractical behind the bar. For these reasons, among many others, the Boston shaker stands as a bartender’s tool for a well-shaken drink. As a two-piece shaker that often includes a 16-ounce mixing bowl and 28-ounce stirrer tin, the Boston shaker is still very popular because it is easy to clean, allowing bartenders to mix drinks quickly and effectively. Basic Boston shakers are also inexpensive. Look like a professional while mixing drinks, by learning how to hold Boston shaker.

Hot To Hold A Boston Shaker

To use a Boston shaker like a pro, you have to understand how to hold it. Proper form is critical to using the Boston shaker. For an effective shake, you need to upturn the mixing glass so that the shaker tin is right side up, and then shake the Boston shaker with the mixing glass bottom facing upwards and away from guests. Invert the mixing glass without causing spills. The idea is to create a strong seal between the glass and the metal tin.

  1. Start by placing the shaker tin over the top of the glass. Because the diameter of the glass is smaller than that of the tin, the brim of the glass should rest a couple of centimetres inside of the tin. Next, using the heel of your palm, firmly tap on the shaker tin to create a vacuum seal. Check the strength of the seal by lifting the entire shaker from the counter with just the shaker tin.
  2. Turn the shaker over so that the glass is on top. Using two hands, vigorously shake the drink over your shoulder for a full 10 seconds. The harder you shake, the better the drink. By placing the glass on top, you’ll avoid splashing onlookers if the shaker separates.
  3. Hold the shaker in your right hand, glass up, with your first two fingers on the glass and the other two on the can. You need to control both parts of the shaker. Using your left hand, point your fingers up and firmly strike the edge of the can with an open palm. The vacuum should release. “If it doesn’t open after two taps, rotate the shaker a quarter turn and tap again until you find the sweet spot.”

how to use a boston shaker

It is important  not to shake your drink for too long. Because there is ice inside the shaker, the longer you shake the more the ice will melt. Melting ice dilutes the cocktail and it will start to alter the taste very quickly.

Two piece shakers, like this one, are preferred by professional bartenders. The architectural foot gives a place to wrap your fingers around for a secure hold and creates a perfect balance. By holding the Boston shaker properly, the shaking process should thoroughly mix, chill, and aerate the cocktail.



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